Representative APR Example
$275 borrowed for 28 days
Annual interest rate of 359.40%
Total amount repayable by
one repayment is $357.36
2610.15% APR Representative.

Welcome to Installment Loan California

Looking for a solution when there isn’t any further possibility to fit in the unexpected expense in your budget? This is notunusual. There is nothing to feel discouraged if the unexpected expense is very important for you. Whether you want a smaller amount or larger cash, Installment Loan California is working right in the Liberal land or The Golden State to assist you in these situations.

For us, monetary shortage should not cause a barrier in normal life. Most of the things in life work on arrangement of credits. The same way, you deserve getting financially assisted whenever there is a necessity. Take it for granted, we treat every loan account with personalized service and look afteryour complaints or problems for total satisfaction.

No quandary from bad credit history
There were days when bad credit history used to be a trying situation; it is still in with many lenders. At Installment Loan California, we do not attach any weightage to your poor credit score.

We understand often encountered environmental and social causes affect credit score. As such, while approving installment loans, we do not suffer with dilemma.

We trust your ability of managing the budget for sticking to repayment schedule.

Fast and easy way to apply for loans
We operate fully online to provide you the advantages of applying anytime from anywhere, fastprocessing and no documentation including no faxing.

Filling in the application form can be completed within a few minutes since you will require providing basic information. Remember, we strictly protect your personal information falling in wrong hands.

You will find online process is equally convenient too since cash transaction is directly deposited to your bank account electronic transfer. The installmentrepayment is also handled the same way.

So, it is all easy without having to collect the loan amount or visit for paying monthly repayment installments.

Everything is easy!